Universidad de los Andes is an autonomous, independent institution that promotes pluralism, diversity, dialog, debate, critique, tolerance and respect for ideas, beliefs and values of its members.

Furthermore, it seeks academic excellence and provides students with critical and ethical education to strengthen their awareness about social and civic responsibilities, as well as their commitment to the analysis and solution of problems in the country.

To achieve this goal, it develops and implements cutting-edge methodologies in its teaching and research processes, aimed at helping students become the main agent of their education and solve problems they are faced with using creativity and responsibility. Likewise, to promote comprehensive education, it promotes the flexible interdisciplinary environment to integrate arts, science, technology and humanities.

Aware of the need to have a highly trained group of professors to generate and disseminate their knowledge, the University allows its professors to develop their activity as a project of life that will allow them to reach their goals and to develop professionally and as human beings, as fundamental pillar for institutional strengthening.

Due to the teaching and quality and international projection research programs available in a climate of freedom and diversity, the mission of Los Andes is to educate integral, responsible and imaginative professionals who, once they have reached the highest levels in their disciplines, will definitely contribute to the cultural and economic improvement of the country, and to the strengthening of coexistence and social peace values.