Textiles Option


The Textiles Option of the Department of Design is made up of different courses that cover two textile areas such as: surface design and wardrobe design, by means of which students are provided with a global, creative view in the innovation and development of proposals for an understanding of the textile design universe.


The objective of the Textiles Option is to provide students with a basic panorama of textiles taking surface design and wardrobe design as focal points. It is based on innovation and creativity and places concentration on experimenting with materials and techniques that cover traditional and novel aspects.

Program Structure

In order to receive certification in the Textile Option, students must take 19 credits, distributed in 2 programs as follows. There will be 2 mandatory courses for all students taking this Option, 2 mandatory courses in the respective programs and 2 elective courses to complete a total of 6 courses, which is equivalent to 19 credits.


Further information:

Contact: María Paula García Ardila

Contact Position: Coordinadora Pregrado

Contact e-mail: p-garci1@uniandes.edu.co