IIND 4108 Aplicaciones en Investigación de Operaciones

General objective: To introduce graduate students to special topics in operations research which are not typically covered in our regular offering. The course serves as a vehicle for introducing special topics at an introductory graduate level to foster collaboration between researchers and identify common areas of interest. Despite the fact that some of the core techniques are illustrated in specific applications, the (underlying) core techniques have a wide range of application in several fields of engineering and science. The course is targeted mainly towards graduate students and advanced undergraduate students majoring in Operations Research; or students from other disciplines who want to approach the core mathematical modeling techniques used in industrial engineering.


Specific objective: This semester, the course focuses on optimization under uncertainty and provides a wide range of optimization techniques that are applied to problems in uncertain environments with various stochastic aspects. Some applications include stochastic vehicle routing and location-allocation for disaster operations management, among others.