ECON 3724 Seminar of Development Economics

This seminar critically examine the importance of a research area in development economics, searching the answer to the development experience of a country or countries of choice.

Some research areas: The meaning and measurement of development, Capital accumulation, total factor productivity growth and development, Divergence, convergence, and trends in international inequality, The informal sector and development, The contribution of agriculture to economic development, Causes and consequences of rural-urban labour migration, Conflict, terrorism and economic development, Institutions, geography and colonial origins, The costs and benefits of international labour migration and Financial crises, debt and the role of the IMF/World Bank.

Restricción de semestre: EXCLUYE 1 2 3 4 5




Cleaver Antony


Microeconomía 3, Macroeconomía 3, Econometría 1 y Requisito de lectura en inglés