MATE 3169 Algebraic Coding Theory

This course will be an introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory. Coding is an algebraic approach to adding redundancy to data, which allows us to correct for errors and erasures due to noisy environments. While originally motivated by the need for efficient data transmission, Coding Theory has also found applications more recently in
data storage, information retrieval, and cryptography, which we will cover towards the end of the course.

We will use a number of algebraic tools, and students are expected to have an excellent command of linear algebra. We will use some basics about finite fields as well, and later in the course even some tools from Algebraic Geometry and possibly Algebraic Number Theory. The background from these latter more advanced subjects will be provided as is needed, and no familiarity with them will be assumed. Overall, motivated students who have taken Abstract
Algebra I should have a good enough background to do well in the course.



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