MIAD 4200 Social Network Analysis (Inglés)

Elective course. This course explores social network analysis (SNA) models and their applications to organizational phenomena. Departing from other perspectives to modeling organizations, SNA assumes that actors (e.g., individuals, groups, organizations) influence each other through their relations and that these relations drive many social processes and organizational outcomes. As such, by examining the structure of relations among actors, network approaches seek to explain variations in behaviors and outcomes at different levels of analysis.

This course introduces students to the collection, coding, and analysis of social network data. As it introduces analytic techniques for a variety of data types and applications it is not intended to be exhaustive, but instead provides a moderate level of familiarity with a variety of techniques, and a foundation for later specialization. While the main focus of this class is methodological, and much time will be spent explaining measures and analytical techniques, methods will be applied to an organizational context. As such, we will also spend time exploring some key theories and applications of SNA methods in organizations.




Eric Quintane

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