GEOC 3038 Estratigrafía y Sedimentología

Stratigraphy and sedimentology, the Earth’s surface systems, facies and the sequence of events. Sedimentary rock classification and nomenclature. Sources of sediments, weathering and erosion, fluid flows transport and deposition. Sedimentary grains and sedimentary structures. Sedimentary facies and environments: glacial, fluvioglacial, fluvial and lacustrine. Aeolian environments and palaeosols. Shallow marine environments: shores, coasts, deltas and estuaries. Carbonate environments. Deep ocean environments. Correlation: lithostratightrapy, biostratigraphy, magnitostratigraphy. Sea-level change and sequence stratigraphy. Provenence. Diagenesis: siliclastics and carbonates. Sedimentary basins. Petroleum systems.



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