LENG 1150 English Fundamentals

The Academic English Support Program provides undergraduate students at Los Andes with the English instruction they need to complete academic tasks in English within the university, as well as to use English effectively in academic and professional situations outside the university. It is also designed to help students acquire the strategies they need to continue learning English independently beyond the classroom. The Academic English Support Program has eleven levels and two cycles: basic and intermediate/advanced. The purpose of the basic cycle is to prepare students for an English-language academic environment and to be able to read academic texts, which are required in their university classes. Successful completion of the basic cycle fulfills the university’s English reading requirement, and prepares students to take cursos I. The purpose of the intermediate/advanced cycle is to provide students with specific focused instruction in oral and written communication, including aspects of both fluency and accuracy. Successful completion of the intermediate/advanced cycle fulfills the university’s second language requirement.



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