LENG 1137 Grammar 1

The English Carrera program provides high quality general, academic, and professional English language learning for undergraduate students in an inclusive, and intellectually rigorous environment. The program focuses on supporting learners in order to develop culturally sensitive, proactive, highly proficient English language users and critical thinkers, as demonstrated by coursework and assessments. Grammar 1 is the first of the skills focus course, which aim to provide the necessary, additional opportunities for students to analyze and extend their use of English language structures at the B1 level. 
Larsen-Freeman (2003) sees grammar as “a skill which speakers deploy creatively in acts of communication to achieve intended meanings” (as cited in Cullen, 2012, p. 258). Therefore, grammar constitutes a necessary communicative resource, (Widdowson, 1990, p. 41, as cited in Trendak, 2015): “learning the grammar of a foreign language is vital if one wants to achieve a high level of communicative proficiency” (emphasis added, 2015, p. 2).
This perspective fits the English Carrera program as it provides an interdisciplinary approach articulated on an understanding of language as a resource to construct meaning within cultural, social, and political contexts, which also allows the future professional in Languages and Culture to explore, research, and gain in-depth understanding, autonomously and competently, into their interests and needs. (Departamento de Lenguas y
Cultura - Universidad de los Andes, 2019, p. 2)



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