LENG 1151 English 01

Basic Cycle
The purpose of the basic cycle is to prepare students for an English-language academic environment and to be able to read academic texts, which are required in their university classes. Successful completion of the basic cycle fulfills the
university’s English reading requirement, and prepares students to take Cursos I.
Course Overview
English 1 is the second course in the Basic Cycle. At this level, students work on their development of the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), and acquire essential grammar structures and vocabulary that will allow them to succeed in academic and social settings. In an attempt to empower students to cope with their most immediate academic need, and similar to the previous and subsequent courses in the Basic Cycle, this course aims to develop a stronger set of reading skills in comparison to the other skills of the language. Moreover, critical thinking skills are taught and practiced, requiring
students’ reflection and analysis rather than simple recall. The extent to which the language skills will be developed corresponds to the following exit levels as per the Common European Framework of Reference:
Reading: A2+
Listening: A2
Speaking: A2
Writing: A2
Grammar: A2



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso


Idioma en el que se ofrece el curso