LENG 1158 English 08 - Writing 1

English 8 is an academic writing workshop whose main objective is to assist students in developing strategies and basic principles of writing in English. This course conceives academic writing as a continuous and permanent process that develops throughout life. For this reason, its scope is focused on exploring and developing a series of strategies, general considerations and specific conceptual tools in the student which allow him/her to continue to build more solid writing processes oriented towards his/her professional disciplines. The course explores the three stages of academic writing, namely pre-writing, planning, organizing, and making decisions about topics, the audience, and the purposes of writing, among others. The writing and rewriting stages have a strong component of reflection, analysis and self-evaluation of grammatical and syntactic-semantic knowledge applied to textual information and, finally, the revision and edition stages in which guided strategies are applied to improve the final version of the text being written. With this tripartite vision of writing, an integral and guided process is achieved in which the student is the main actor in his/his learning process.



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