LENG 1172 English Beginner 2

Beginner 2 is the second course of the Inglés Carrera program and takes a holistic, integrated approach to the learning of English for General Purposes. Students will receive input and practice on reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation and lexico-grammar. The majority of the course will be focused on general English instruction from the textbooks Cambridge Empower A2 and National Geographic Keynote 1, and will be supplemented with academic English tasks and extensive reading.  
This student-centered course runs for 16 weeks, and it consists of five 1.5-hour face-to-face classes and about 1.5 hours of individual work per week.  The course is divided into three modules: module 1 and 2 are five weeks each and module 3 is six weeks. During class time, students are encouraged to participate in different activities that will help them improve their language abilities and critical thinking skills. Group work, cooperative work, and peer-assessment are also part of every face-to-face class. 
As a way to support their learning process, students are also required to work on technology-enhanced exercises during an extended period of time both inside and outside the classroom. These activities constitute an important assessment tool throughout the semester since students are expected to demonstrate the achievement of the learning goals proposed for each module. During their independent work time, students are expected to do practice activities for the different language skills, work on their tasks, or complete any unfinished work to strengthen their English skills. 



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