LENG 1174 English Intermediate 2

This is the fourth course of the English education strand in the Program of Languages and Culture. This course takes a holistic, integrated skills approach to the learning of the English language for future professionals in Languages and Culture. Students will receive input and practice on the four main skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will also work on grammar, or language use, which the students are expected to use properly for class assignments, projects, and exams.  
This skills-integrated course runs for sixteen weeks; face-to-face sessions will be held on a daily basis on weekdays, and students are also expected to devote about 1.5 hours of independent work each week. The course is divided into three modules. During class time, students are expected to engage in different kinds of activities designed to help them develop their skills in the English language, such as readings, listenings, language use exercises, discussions and others, as well as in activities designed to help develop meta-linguistic skills. Individual, group, and collaborative work will play an important role in the development of in-class sessions. In addition, students are expected to engage in technology-aided activities either in-class or as independent work. During their independent work time, students are expected to work on their workbooks, do pre- or post-task work (e.g. reading, listening, vocabulary work), or complete any unfinished work to effectively accomplish the objectives of the proposed task. 



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