LENG 4997 Taller Lectura 1-Postgrado

English Reading Workshops I and II consist of two-level courses structured around English Reading Comprehension Strategies. As a major goal, both workshops intend to introduce to the students different reading alternatives and strategies so that s/he can efficiently understand texts in English as a part of their corpora/ course load in the different areas of study/graduate programs. The first level, English Workshop 1, focuses on basic English reading strategies or the micro abilities necessary for a basic understanding of English-written texts. The second level, English Reading Workshop 2, reviews and strengthens the micro abilities as a starting point towards superior English reading strategies or macro abilities. After taking the workshops, learners will have developed a strategic training to enhance autonomous and efficient English reading processes. Reading Workshops I and II are taught with a blended learning approach. This methodology intends to coherently integrate (computer-mediated) online activities with face-to-face activities. In order to get successful results in these courses, the student must be highly committed to do the online and face-to-face activities rigorously and consciously. Such commitment will make it possible to strengthen and deepen the knowledge acquired in the course. This will lead to a successful achievement of the objectives in each of the two levels.



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